We Travel & We Eat 


Hello! We are Yulia and Simon (Y & S), and we share an incredible passion for FOOD! and travels. A love that shaped our lifestyle till becoming more than a simple hobby and much more close to a real mission.

Yulia is originally from Russia, while Simon was born and raised in Italy. Our main goal is to save as much time as possible to be able to catch the next flight and discover new, exciting dining locations around the world.

Our only desire is to try for YOU and share with YOU real delicious local dishes. Selecting the best dining locations, to give YOU, not only an idea of the food itself, but even a realistic feeling of the surrounding, the service and the experience in full. Our final goal is to (hopefully) help YOU during your future travels, by offering a clear-sighted point of view together with some useful information and details.

Dining is a big part of our travels, but not the only one. In our Blog, we will share with YOU videos of our personal experience of Planes, Hotels & Resorts.

We hope YOU will enjoy our Blog and do not forget to:

Stay Hungry, Stay Foodish!